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Massachusetts Personals If you want to get your wife back, you are probably ready to do almost anything it takes to save your marriage. You might even be considering using lying and manipulation to get her to stay.
Maybe you’re thinking of using the children or assets against her  blackmailing her emotionally or monetarily to get her to stay. But what kind of relationship will you have if you resort to game playing and manipulation to get your wife to stay?
Massachusetts Personal Instead of resorting to desperate tactics to get your wife back, what if you could get her to want to come back? Wouldn’t you be much happier if you could get your wife back fast, and she actually wanted to come back? Your best chances of getting your wife to love you again and want to stay married to you is to stop the game playing. After all, if that really worked,
hardly anyone would end up divorced.
Massachusetts Personal So how do you get your wife back? The number one way to get your wife to want to stay married to you is to remind her of what life was like when you first started dating. Both of you might feel like that life is too far behind you to get it back now. But that is simply not true. If you fell in love
once, you can fall in love again. You need to remember the good times the two
of you had together and recapture those feelings.


Massachusetts Personal One word of caution: don’t use this tactic too obviously or it will come across as desperate. Instead, give your wife some space and every once in a while, remind her of one of the good times you had together. Leave her a small note, or even better, find a trinket the two of you saved from one of
your dates or vacations and leave it out somewhere that she will see it. Do
little things to jog her memory and get her thinking fondly of your