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Kentucky Personal Are you one of those guys who can’t seem to date any girls
out? Ever wonder where the problem lies? Is it with you or the technique that
you use? Or is it just the girl’s fault? No worries, this article will talk
about a few common mistakes that guys make.
1) Kentucky Personal Letting her have the control.
Women like guys who take the initiative and take the lead.
This way, it makes them feel secure. Women don’t like guys that they have
control over, so do not let her have control over you.
Example: Be the one who makes the decisions – Like where to
go and what to do.
2) Kentucky Personals Being too bored.
Kentucky Personals Most guys do not know how to attract a woman much less
entertain them. They screw up the date with boring conversations about how they hate their family or jobs. This totally turns women off. So what can you do?
Talk about things that’s happening around you both.
Also, guys shouldn’t be too predictable. Women like mysteries and it only attracts them even more if guys are unpredictable. But sadly, most guys are SO predictable. So, work on it.
Women love guys who they can’t predict.
3) Kentucky Personals Being a “slave” to her.
Most guys think that if there is a girl he likes, he should
spend more time with her. It’s only natural to think that way but there is a
big problem. Spending too much time will only cause her to lose interest
in you as she will find you boring.


It is also important to keep doing what you always do without her as she shouldn’t be the reason for the big change in your life. This will also make her keep her respect for you as who you are.